Three San Diego Weekend Workshops


Turn your relationship from a companionship into an
Intimate Passionate Love
through Tantra, Conscious Relationship and Sexual Health.

March 12-13 – 2011
San Diego


PART ONE: Birthing the Beloved: From Conditioned Self to Authentic Core Essence

May 7 – 8 – 2011
San Diego

PART TWO: Balancing Love & Emotional Connection With Freedom and Individuality

July 9 – 10 – 2011
San Diego

All three workshops go from:
Saturday, 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m 2:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. (Registration at (9:00 a.m.)
Sunday, 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 a.m. 2:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

16 hours per workshop plus one hour lunch for each day
(Bring a pre-packed lunch. We will provide snacks)

Early Bird Fee: $275 per person
if paid more than 60 days prior to workshop start date.
Regular Registration: $350 per person
if paid less than 60 days prior to workshop start date.

Intimate Passionate Love

Turn your relationship from a companionship into an
Intimate Passionate Love
through Tantra, Conscious Relationship and Sexual Health.

3-12-2011 to 3-13-2011

This workshop is an introductory workshop to our theme Intimate Passionate Love.  It is an excellent and very deep over-view of conscious relationship, Tantra and sexual health – and how these intertwine together to great a vital and great love and passionate sex.
It  is oriented towards couples in long term relationships. However, it is equally relevant to couples who wish to have a long term relationship and who want to know what to do to maintain their powerful connection and avoid the pitfalls that await them when the biochemical surge of the honeymoon period is over.  The themes introduced in this workshop will be pursued in greater depth in subsequent workshops.

Learn how to:

Form an evolutionary partnership to create a conscious relationship that is fertile soil for turned-on love and passion.

Replace shame and blame with awareness of the impact of past conditioning on your beliefs, perceptions and interactions with your partner. Learn how to bring your dark unconsciousness into the light where it can be dissolved.

Balance your own needs and your partners needs.

Balance your need for individuality and freedom with your need for togetherness and security.

Replace distraction and numbness with relaxation, playfulness, and savoring of life’s blessings

Replace familiarity with focused attention and appreciation and by bringing uncertainty into the boring predictability of long term coupledom.

Replace relationship upsets with self-awareness, compassionate communication, honoring and respect.

Develop and use the consciousness and skills of Tantra to become intimate, passionate lovers and have super-conscious, sacred sex

Increase and intensify the flow of your sexual energy, spreading it into your whole body so that you can have full body orgasm and be orgasmic independently of a peak orgasm – multiple times.

Develop mastery of your sexual energy so that premature ejaculation is a thing of the past and love making becomes a long, leisurely, ecstatic process.

Solve sexual challenges that seem unsolvable such as premature ejaculation, orgasm problems, performance anxiety, and erectile dysfunction.

Increase your libido and improve or solve sexual health problems that beset your love life, such as hormonal imbalances, prescription drug related libido problems, and age-related erectile dysfunction.


PART ONE: Birthing the Beloved: From Conditioned Self to Authentic Core Essence

5-7-2011 to 5-8-2011

There is a wounded child in all of us with ego threatening beliefs that we hide from our self and others, but that still lives an active life in us. In response to it and to the conditioning we receive, we develop an adaptive identity through which we adapt to the needs and wishes of others in order to survive and be valued. This adaptive identity also functions as a compensatory identity placed over our “not good enough” frightened hidden part, to enable us to feel good about our self and gain the validation of others.

When we are in a committed, intimate, lasting relationship our frightened, hidden selves and our adaptive, compensatory identities come out to trigger each other. We upset, threaten, frustrate, and aggravate each other. We do not know how or why it is happening much of the time. We cannot do so until we understand and recognize our own and our partner’s psychological dynamics, and begin to take responsibility for changing our own dynamics and, if agreed to, supporting our partner in the changes they wish to make.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Form an evolutionary partnership for the purpose of your personal evolution and the evolution of your partnership into a conscious relationship. To achieve this purpose you will:
  • Learn what it means, and what it takes, to have a “Big Love.”
  • Identify the childhood programming, and the life-scripts that evolve from that, which interfere with your relationship with your partner.
  • Do the work of identifying and changing your psychological dynamics and the interplay of these dynamics with your partners. These are the primary reasons that there is unconsciousness in your relationship.
  • Taking responsibility for your own feelings, and the thoughts, beliefs and life decisions that lie behind them, instead of blaming your partner.
  • Replace defensive or attacking communication with an empowered, authentic communication approach designed to express your truth and your desires respectfully to your partner.
  • Stretch yourself beyond your old conditioned perspectives and automatic responses and strategies that helped you survive in the past, to replace them new responses more appropriate and healthy for the present.
  • Learn how to become self-aware and be able to identify your feelings, body sensations and thoughts and the correlation between them.
  • Check your intentions and orient your actions so as to create harmony and union.
  • Identify your own and your partner’s core essence and to meet each other in the place of the Beloved.


PART TWO Balancing Love & Emotional Connection With Freedom and Individuality

7-7-2011 – 7-8-2011

There are two fundamental life needs that often seem to conflict in relationship and are seldom resolved to both partner’s satisfaction. One is the need for love and emotional connection and the other is the need for freedom and individuality. So often it seems that in order to keep the peace and avoid creating anxiety in our partner that we have to adapt to them and give up parts of ourselves and what we want to make them happy. In doing so, what we are giving up is being true to ourselves and living the life we want. We are giving up our autonomy.

Sometimes we come from family and cultural backgrounds which make doing this too threatening and so in order to escape this threat, we withhold the love and intimate emotional connection that our partner desires and that we also need.

Over the passage of time, familiarity leads to taking each other for granted and some, perhaps most, of the spark goes. In our adaptations to each other and through making safety and security the holy cow of our relationship, We have replaced mystery with the familiar and uncertainty with predictability and we are bored – perhaps even too numbed to know that we are bored.

This workshop will teach you many different avenues to reconcile these polarities.

You will learn:

  • How to become your own source for your sense of self worth instead of leaning on your partner to feel your existence’s significance.
  • The importance of solitude (intimacy with yourself) to developing intimacy with your partner – and how to bring this into your life.
  • How to bring adventure and the unknown into your relationship with your partner – and how to enhance your relationship further by enjoying these with friends, family, and community without your partner.
  • The power of presence and how to use it to intensify your experience of each other and build attraction.
  • How to change your emotional biochemistry and let go of stress and mood addictions.

Expect to be surprised!

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