A Message for Men Only

We are willing to teach you Tantra if your partner is not willing to join you in becoming Tantric or if you are presently alone.  As you go deeper into Tantra and become more Tantric in life and in sex, your partner will experience the change and she will begin to change to meet you. Part of our coaching will be to teach you how to teach her how to be with you in a more Tantric way, and thereby become a better and more valued lover for you, as you become a better and more valued lover for her.  If you are not presently with a partner, or your partnership is coming to an end, this teaching will give you a more profound and uplifting experience of life when alone and will connect you with you your sexual and spiritual energy on an unprecedented level.  It will also prepare you for the next, greater union that will come into your life all the sooner because of what you will have learned.

If you and your partner are united in your intention to explore Tantra together, then please read the section on Tantra for Couples.

In teaching you Tantra alone, sessions may be conducted by both of us, by Anya alone, or by Paul alone.

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