Couples-Coaching Paths

Private Tantric Coaching Paths

Private Tantric coaching is the most powerful way to learn Tantra and over-come sexual problems. There is nothing quite like it because it is tailored to you. The teaching is done to meet your needs, help you deal with your blocks and weaknesses, help you build upon your strengths, and is provided in a variety of packages to make it easier for you to afford it. And, of course, when speaking of you, we are speaking of the two of you.

There are a number of ways in which we can work with you. You can identify the Tantric topics that you want coaching in. Alternatively, what we focus on will be determined by what we discover is your most pressing need or your most over-arching desire and we will proceed, in one session or a series of sessions, that way. Sessions may include instruction, coaching and initiations.

Tantric initiations are the creation of Tantric experiences that will give you an experience of being Tantric together.

If you are not in San Diego, California, there are a number of options. You can visit us when you come to San Diego – or visit San Diego when you come to see us. You can invite us to teach you in your home. If you can’t meet us in person, we can coach you using video-cam or telephone. Most of the alternatives mentioned below can be realized through video-cam. Phone consultations can cover relationship challenges, sexual problems and the many different aspects of Tantric sacred sexuality.

Choose A Path

Twelve Tantra Coaching Options

You may have a free 30 minute consultation with one of us regarding your needs and desires to determine if we can help you.  Any time over 30 minutes will be pro-rated based on $100 an hour.  This discussion may only take place after you have familiarized yourself with this web-site.

You can choose from among the following:

1. An Introductory 90 minute coaching session – in person or via phone or web-cam

2. A single session based on one of the topics in our Couples Tantric Program. Some topics are pre-requisites to other topics.

3. A series of sessions based on the list of topics in our Couples Tantric Program.
You can do one or more Tantric sessions from among the Tantric sessions described in the attached Couples Tantric Program.

4. The Couples Tantra Mastery Series
You can be initiated into all of the Tantric teachings listed in the Couples Tantric Program. All sessions will be either 3 hours or 3.5 hours. Email contact and home-work between sessions is included

5. An Intimate One Day, Weekend, or Week Long Tantric Seminar
This can be conducted in our Tantric home – or in the comfort of your home.
It will include Instruction, Practice and Tantric Initiations

6. An Introductory Four Hour Session
If you want to learn a lot but have limited time or budget considerations, or are not sure where you want to focus, one possibility is an introductory four hour Tantra session. This session is a very potent introduction to Tantra which includes exploring any relationship blocks to learning Tantra, moving into the Sacred Heart Space, learning to pleasure your partner through Tantric Touch, and how to be excellent givers and receivers. The agenda of this session can be modified to better reflect your specific needs.

This session can begin with an exploration of whatever blocks there are in your relationship to experiencing Tantra, a great relationship and great sex, with the purpose of overcoming these.  This will be followed by a brief but very potent introduction to Tantra and the main pre-requisites for Tantra without which Tantra does not happen.

We will then move into the Sacred Heart Space. You will learn how to make a soul connection with each other.  You will have the experience of being in a place of powerful, heart connected presence and moving from there into the sensual, sexual arena through an experience of sensual touching.

After this the male partner will learn how to pleasure the goddess in his beloved. He will learn how to touch her in ways that arouse her and build her orgasmic energy, how to bring her whole body alive so that she yearns for his touch, how to feel pleasure and energy in his hands as he touches her, and to use variety in his touch.  Should you both wish, he can learn yoni massage (female genital massage) and female g-spot massage.  Alternatively, the woman can learn lingam massage (male genital massage) and learn how to bring a lot of variety into how she touches her partners genitals. This can be taught through instruction and practice or through instruction alone.

The female partner will learn how to be an excellent receiver, how to use her consciousness to intensify the sensations that she experiences in her body, and how to give her partner the feedback that he needs to be an excellent giver.

You will both be learning the others roles in the process of hearing us teach it to your partner.  After this session you will find that your capacity to be excellent lovers with each other will be greatly increased and you will be enriched by the benefit of it for the rest of your relationship.

7. The 6 session 90 minute telephone or web-cam session twice  a month for three months.

$1,260 Email contact and home-work between sessions is included.

8. The 7 week Tantra series
This will consist of four 2.5 hour sessions every second week over the course of a seven weeks. $1395. Email contact and home-work between sessions is included.

9. The 3 month Tantra Series
This consist of a 4 hour session in the first month and two 3 hour sessions, each on the subsequent two months. $1,395. Email contact and home-work between sessions is included.

10. The 4 month Tantra Series
This consists of the 4 hour introductory session in the first month and three 3 hour sessions, on each of the 3 subsequent months. $1,795. Email contact and home-work between sessions is included.

11. A Tantric Initiation
We can create a one session Tantric experience that would be suitable to you if you were a couple who wanted a magical, sensual, erotic, one of a kind, experience with each other to juice up your life together. What this would look like, would be decided on in a consultation with you. It might be a Tantric puja for two, a Sensual Delight Experience, a Tantric Massage, a Tantric Romantic Date Night designed just for the two of you, or any number of other possibilities.

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$149 an hour # of hours

12. A program based on an in-depth assessment of you and your relationship.
You can present us with the fundamental issues that are challenging your relationship, both emotionally and sexually, give us some idea of where your special interests lie with regard to the Tantric coaching options for couples that we have outlined, and then place yourselves in our hands to develop a program that we feel will most benefit you. This will involve us either doing a relationship diagnostic and sexual assessment via a combination of an in depth telephone interview with you and a extensive questionnaire. Prior to your arrival we will analyze and discuss your answers and establish a game-plan for serving you both delightfully and effectively. In our opinion this will be the most effective choice that you can make.

Price of program determined after the program is agreed upon.  There are 6 steps if you wish to consider this option.

Step 1.   Fill out our Couples Profile - each independently
Step 2.  Free 30 minute consultation on your needs and desires.  Additional time based on $100 an hour. Consultation time scheduled by email.
Step 3.  Sexual and relationship Diagnostic – $99
Step 4.  Program proposal sent to you -  $49
Step 5. Free 3o minute phone consultation to discuss program proposal, make modifications, and agree upon financial arrangements.  Additional time based on $1o0 an hour.
Step 6. If you are interested in this option, click here.

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